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    Foqa3aat Natural Soaps 110G Charcoal & Kaolin Clay Soap Bar

    Perfect for sensitive and dry skin.
    AED 35.00

    Foqa3aat Natural Soaps 110G Green Tea Soap Bar

    Nice benefits on the skin like reducing signs of aging, preventing sun spots and shielding the skin from impurities. It also reduces irritation of the skin.
    AED 30.00

    Foqa3aat Natural Soaps 110G Himalaya Salt Soap Bar

    Gently exfoliates and detoxifies the skin. Works as body scrub and cleansing bar at the same time.
    AED 30.00

    Foqa3aat Natural Soaps 110G Mango Papaya Soap Bar

    Helps getting rid of dry skin naturally and make it softer. Great for most skin types.
    AED 30.00

    Foqa3aat Natural Soaps 125G Moroccan Soap Paste

    Reduces skin inflammations, purifying and hydrating skin for deep cleaning.
    AED 55.00

    Foqa3aat Natural Soaps 185G Ocean Breeze Soap Bar

    healing effect on the skin by reducing itching, rashes and scars.
    AED 55.00
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