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    Biogena 3-Salt Zinc - 60 Capsules

    The unique combination of three organic zinc compounds – with zinc malate, the (well-tolerated) zinc salt of malic acid.
    AED 157.50

    Biogena AH & Glutamin Formula - 60 Capsules

    Active complex with stomach-friendly vitamin C, the amino acid L-glutamine and selected trace elements
    AED 194.25

    Biogena Antistress Formula - 60 Capsules

    The easy way for effortless relaxation and wellbeing
    AED 204.75

    Biogena Brain Energy Formula - 60 Capsules

    The intelligent way of improving mental and cognitive performance
    AED 210.00

    Biogena CleanoCOL - 30 Sachets

    Stimulating dietary fibre preparation from swellable plant fibres, bacterial cultures and magnesium
    AED 315.00

    Biogena Coenzym Q10 active Gold - 60 Capsules

    The Q10 active formula – with coenzyme Q10 in the form of ubiquinol (KANEKA Ubiquinol™), the most efficient of the Q10 forms
    AED 414.75

    Biogena ColonBalance - 30 Sachets

    Neutral-tasting powder with a high content of soluble dietary fibre types
    AED 273.00

    Biogena DigestioCym 200 vegan - 60 Capsules

    Enzyme complex containing five digestive enzymes of non-animal origin
    AED 262.50

    Biogena DoloZym forte Gold - 90 Capsules

    The premium enzyme preparation with natural bioflavonoids and highly active enzymes for breaking down protein.
    AED 346.50

    Biogena Ester-C Gold - 60 Capsules

    The premium vitamin C: Stomach-friendly, better uptake compared to normal vitamin C, 24-hour retention time in the body
    AED 252.00

    Biogena fit@work Premium Gold - 60 Capsules

    Premium preparation of vitamins, minerals and coenzyme Q10 in the active ubiquinol form in case of increased stress in everyday working life
    AED 346.50

    Biogena ImmunoMyk - 60 Capsules

    Quality extracts from reishi and shiitake, combined with plant-based vitamin C, zinc and vitamin E
    AED 262.50

    Biogena Junior OmniLactis 6 - 60 G

    Highly concentrated multistrain preparation in powder form with six active, proliferative bacterial cultures
    AED 210.00

    Biogena Junior VIKI Multispektrum-Saft - 250 ML

    The nutrient plus for children and adolescents in a delicious peach taste with 17 vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
    AED 157.50

    Biogena L-Glutamin 3000 - 30 Sachets

    Single product of the valuable amino acid L-glutamine, with 3 g per stick
    AED 262.50

    Biogena L-Tryptophan 250 - 120 Capsules

    Combination product with L-tryptophan and magnesium, expediently topped off with selected B vitamins
    AED 294.00

    Biogena Maca Energy - 90 Capsules

    Plant substances from high quality extracts from maca, ginseng and guarana; contains natural caffeine
    AED 194.25

    Biogena Marines Omega-3 Liquid - 150 ML

    Liquid premium fish oil, pleasant taste, with highly concentrated amounts of EPA and DHA
    AED 189.00

    Biogena Mucosa Formula - 60 Capsules

    Smart solution for a healthy gut. Support for the intestinal mucosal barrier
    AED 262.50

    Biogena Neurogesan® B-Komplex - 60 Capsules

    To Support the functions of the nerves and psyche
    AED 231.00