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    Modest Me Abstract Pleated Dress

    Bring out the artist in you with this button down collared pleated maxi dress.
    AED 105.00

    Modest Me Argyle Gold Sequin Dress

    Bring out the best of your style in this argyle patterned gold sequined maxi dress and stun the crowd!
    AED 115.00

    Modest Me Autumn Leaves Maxi Dress

    Opt for this delicate patterned net maxi dress which can be worn on a variety of occasions.
    AED 149.00

    Modest Me Basic Long Innerwear

    Try out this basic full sleeved ankle length innerwear to style various open abayas or just serve as an inner lining for semi-transparent clothes.
    AED 65.00

    Modest Me Basic Pleated Palazzo Pants

    Style yourself in these versatile loose fit pleated pants.
    AED 70.00

    Modest Me Bell Sleeved Maxi Dress

    Experience comfort in this simple yet fashionable bell sleeved and ruffled maxi dress.
    AED 95.00

    Modest Me Blooming Flowers Open Abaya

    Create a fresh and casual look with this floral print self tie open abaya.
    AED 79.00

    Modest Me Blue Collared Maxi Dress

    Adorn yourself in this floral patterned self-tie maxi dress.
    AED 105.00

    Modest Me Bold Flowers Open Abaya

    Slip on this bold patterned floral maxi dress for a summery look.
    AED 89.00

    Modest Me Casual Striped Dress

    Slip on this laid-back striped maxi dress for a casual look.
    AED 87.00

    Modest Me Casual Striped Top

    Try out our daily-wear lace tunic for a formal or casual look.
    AED 70.00

    Modest Me Classic 2 Piece Monochrome Set

    Put together a relaxed outfit using this two-piece suit which includes a classic top, loose fit pants and a belt.
    AED 85.00

    Modest Me Classic 3 Piece Monochrome Set

    This three piece outfit is a classic wardrobe staple which consists of a long outerwear, a plain inner top and loose fit pants.
    AED 87.00

    Modest Me Elegant Embroidered Open Abaya

    Shine and shimmer in this embroidered self-tie open abaya.
    AED 199.00

    Modest Me Embroidered Net Open Abaya

    Try this lightweight embroidered net open abaya for a stylish look.
    AED 75.00

    Modest Me Floral Navy Maxi Dress

    Floral dress for a fresh and casual look suited for both day and night.
    AED 89.00

    Modest Me Floral Summer Maxi Dress

    Slip on this laid-back floral maxi dress for a summery look.
    AED 83.00

    Modest Me Florid Navy Skirt

    Switch up your style with this fun floral A-line maxi skirt.
    AED 70.00

    Modest Me Gold Thread Open Abaya

    Look refined in this elegant self-tie open abaya.
    AED 99.00

    Modest Me Graceful Buttoned Maxi Dress

    Try out this cozy buttoned classic lantern sleeved maxi dress for a day-to-day outfit.Try out this cozy buttoned classic lantern sleeved maxi dress for a day-to-day outfit.
    AED 95.00
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