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    Vitakraft Double Trapezoid Bird Swing with Clamp

    This double trapeze swing made of untreated wood is perfect for parakeets and other small birds.
    AED 18.00

    Vitakraft Ribbon With Cuttlebone Bird

    This natural toy brings variety to the birdhouse where parakeets and canaries can climb up and down the ribbon and use the sepia calyx to chew their beak.
    AED 15.00

    Vitakraft Sandy Bio Sand - 2 KG

    An ideal foundation for a clean, hygienic bird sanctuary and also provides the animals with the finest sea shells and limegrit valuable minerals for a healthy bird life.
    AED 15.00

    Vitakraft Sandy Bird Sand - 2.5 KG

    A premium litter for birds providing extra support for bird health. Completely natural product consisting of high quality quartz sand, specially rounded, cleaned and dried.
    AED 15.00

    Vitakraft Sandy Parrot Bird Sand - 2.5 KG

    A natural product consisting of high quality quartz sand - specially rounded, cleaned and dried. A species-appropriate bedding that reliably binds moisture and ensures a pleasant fresh scent.
    AED 15.00

    Vitakraft Scharpie - Nesting Material for Canaries

    Scharpie nesting material is made of 100% pure cotton and helps canaries with nest building.
    AED 10.00

    Vitakraft Steel Bird Bowl with Holder

    Ideal for feeding your large parakeets and parrots; made of stainless steel with a chrome steel bracket
    AED 15.00

    Vitakraft Straw Ring With Shells Bird

    Natural toy made of wicker provides a variety of exciting extras for everyday bird life
    AED 18.00