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    Vitakraft African Feed for Grey Parrots - 1KG

    A mixture of natural ingredients such as figs, bananas and coconuts to ensures optimal intake for birds. Contains all the nutrients for growing parrots and healthy living
    AED 30.00

    Vitakraft Amazonian Parrot Food - 1KG

    Varied feed for pampering, just like in the South American homeland. The feed is enriched with aromatic mango, papaya, banana and chilli.
    AED 35.00

    Vitakraft Beef Stick With Turkey Treat for Dogs

    Foil wrapped to maintain freshness, the Vitakraft Beef Stick an excellent treat, perfect for pampering, rewarding or just for a little snack in between!
    AED 5.00

    Vitakraft Cat Litter Tray

    Open litter box for more cleanliness in the cat household!
    AED 90.00

    Vitakraft Cat Toy - 5 Fur Covered Balls with Bells

    The plush fur ball toys will awaken your cat's play instinct. As as they make rattling noises with every movement, get ready for hours of fun! This set of five plush balls come in blue, yellow and green. Each is about 3cm in size and have a clamp.
    AED 18.00

    Vitakraft Cat Wet Food - Poesie Deli Sauce + Chicken - 85G

    A delicious appetizer with tender chicken fillet in a lot of fine sauce!
    AED 5.00

    Vitakraft Cat Yums Treat - Liver Sausage

    Juicy cat snacks with a visible meaty filling!
    AED 12.00

    Vitakraft Cat Yums Treats - Chicken And Cat Grass

    Juicy cat snacks with a visible meaty filling!
    AED 12.00

    Vitakraft Cichlid and Flower Horn Fish Food - Red Pellets - 125G

    This food is a protein rich staple with ideal nutrition for all carnivorous cichlids. Also suitable for flower horn fish.
    AED 25.00